The Doctoral School of Jewish Religious Studies

The Doctoral School of Jewish Religious Studies at the Jewish Theological Seminary – University of Jewish Studies, Budapest is  open for international students.  Here you can find every important information about how to apply, what are the requirements, etc.

For the official Hungarian website of the Doctoral School click here.

Research field: theology

Year of accreditation: 2002, 2009, 2014

Head of the Doctoral Council: Dr. Károly Vajda, rector, professor

Head of the Doctoral School: Dr. Jutta Hausmann, professor

Head: Dr. Károly Vajda, professor

Secretary: Katalin Szalainé Rácz

Tel: +36-1-318-7049/140
Fax: +36-1-267-5415/136
Office hours: Mo-Thu, 12-16
Address: H-1084 Budapest, Scheiber Sándor utca 2.
Postal address: H-1444 Budapest, Pf 212

The staff responsible for managing the doctoral program:

  • Dr. Jutta Hausmann and Dr. Károly Vajda (professors)
    Katalin Rácz (secretary)
  • István Darvas, Chief Rabbi, Secretary-General

For an application form please contact the secretary.